Thursday, 27 July 2017 10:00

A few years ago, photographer Gabriele Galimberti set off on a round-the-world couchsurfing adventure. But, before he left, his grandma Marisa took care to cook up her favourite ravioli recipe for Gabriele to set him on his way. She wasn’t so concerned with any mishaps or shenanigans Gabriele might get up to while abroad. Her main concern was: “What will you eat?”

Inspired by his nonna, Gabriele decided to search out grandmas wherever he travelled around the world, and ask them to cook up their favourite comfort dish for him: everything from moose steak in Canada and caterpillars in Malawi to 10-spice curry in India and shark soup in the Philippines. He took a lot of pictures of food and, you can imagine, had a pretty full belly by the end of his trip.

The result is an ode to the universal language of food and family. And to the urge many grandmas have to feed everyone around them. It’s well worth having a look through the whole archive, which you can access here.