Monday, 03 July 2017 10:34

Have you ever had a listen to The Slow Home Podcast? Brooke McAlary hosts it from her home in the Blue Mountains, and it covers all sorts of useful stuff for living the slow life – as the name suggests!

One of Brooke’s latest programs is a mega list of 50 Ways to (Seriously) Reduce Your Food Waste, and we reckon there are some good reminders in there for everybody. Here are some of our favourites:

“Meal plan regularly and be realistic with that plan. If you know you’re exhausted by Thursday night, then don’t plan and buy the ingredients for a super-involved meal. Chances are it will go to waste.”

“Make a habit to clean out the fridge before you do the groceries. Doing this gives a good indication of what you are and aren’t actually eating, and allows you to use what’s already there in the meal you go shopping for. It also stops food from mouldering away at the bottom of the fridge.”

“Keep all your veggie offcuts, peels, skins and trimmings in a container in the freezer. When there’s a good amount, put it all in a big saucepan, cover with water, and cook for a few hours. It makes a delicious rich (free!) veggie stock that can then be frozen and used as needed.”

All of Brooke’s foodie tips can be listened to (and read) over here and you can download The Slow Home Podcast from all the usual places.