Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:00

A lot of things, we’re told, are as easy as riding a bike. But how easy is riding a bike? Specifically, how easy is it to get back into cycling once you’ve been away for a while? If your bike is covered in dust out in the shed, and you couldn’t even say where your old Stackhat is?

She Rides is a program for women looking to work up a little bit of confidence on the bike before hitting their local streets and bicycle paths (or mountainsides). Basic classes teach refresher skills, pathway etiquette and basic maintenance, while more advanced sessions cover riding in low-traffic areas, and longer and tougher rides. There’s even a group called She Rides On for people interested in regular social rides with like-minded women.

She Rides has locations across Australia, and if you’re interested you can find your local chapter here. Not a bad way to get moving and cut down on transport costs (and fossil fuel use, too).

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