Monday, 24 July 2017 10:00

A start-up out of Serbia might just be onto the most environmentally friendly ice-box ever created. The WooBox uses waste wool as insulation – something like 70% of wool produced worldwide is rejected for clothing manufacture, so that’s a lot of sheep hair that usually gets chucked out – with an untreated wood exterior. Something a bit different to your usual esky, then.

Designed as an alternative to Styrofoam packaging for the fresh food transport industry, it can slot together with other boxes for safe transport, then transform into displays and shelving at the other end. And, of course, it’s entirely re-usable and recyclable, too.

The WooBox was created as part of a project called No More Styrofoam, which aims to create awareness about the threat that expanded polystyrene foam poses to the environment. And just as an extra bit of eco cred, they plan to plant a tree for every one that’s used in manufacture. Sound like a good idea? You can see more of what they’re about at their crowdfunding site.