Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:42

We’ve all heard of the “capsule wardrobe” – a term apparently coined by London boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s. Faux originally suggested that fewer than a dozen garments should be included in the ideal capsule wardrobe, though over the years it’s come to mean a collection of 30 or so items – staple pieces in coordinating colours – that mix and match and last the test of time.
The stylish types over at Eva’s Sunday seem to have embraced this type of thinking, with design and manufacturing that lends itself to long-lasting, classic cuts and colours: well-cut pants, crisp shirts, boxy jackets and comfy sack dresses in inky blues, greys, denims and neutrals (with the occasional pop of colour and pattern). Basically, stuff that you can wear for years and still feel good about.
“At Eva's Sunday, we are about making garments of longevity versus the ‘in one minute out the next’ nature of a lot of fashion available today,” says their CEO, Nic MacIsaac. “Fast and disposable is not our thing.” 
Based in Myrtleford, in north-east Victoria, they’ve got a shopfront in Melbourne and can also be found in 80 or so independent boutiques around the country. If it sounds like your type of thing, you can also browse the collection and shop online here.

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