Thursday, 13 April 2017 17:00

Happy Scrabble Day! (Did you remember to buy us a gift?)

Today we honour the birth of Alfred Mosher Butts, who invented the iconic game nearly 80 years ago.

Whether you’re a Scrabbler or not, board games are a fun excuse to sneak away from the ol’ digital devices and actually talk to someone. Or attempt to impress them with your stunning vocabulary.

Modern official Scrabble words we like: lolz, cakeage, kumquats, verjuice, zhooshing.

If distance separates you and your favourite wordsmiths, the official Scrabble app and Words with Friends app can both be played virtually. (Chess is another game that’s fun to play across the wires.)

If your friends don’t fancy a game of Scrabble, Meetup is a great place to find friendly opponents in your area – from specifically Scrabble fans to more general board-game geeks.

Looking to up your game? The Australian National Championship is on this weekend in Western Australia, with state tournaments held throughout the year. Head to the Scrabble Australia website for dates and locations and get some high-scoring inspiration.

Lovely image by Lydia Bakes

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