Thursday, 02 March 2017 09:00

If you adore stitching your own threads, then it may be worth your while checking out The Fabric Store. The local operation has stacks of eye-pleasing fabrics on offer, including premium Merino products and an ever-growing Liberty Arts Fabric range. In rather exciting news (at least as far as textile fanatics are concerned), they’ve just added Rossmore & Kingly corduroys to the mix, so you can nab something a little warmer for the crisper months ahead, if you so wish. Their business is based on the sustainable model of re-use, which involves sourcing stock from around the world that would otherwise go to waste (such as sampling lengths from manufacturing runs). Scoot over to The Fabric Store’s website to inspect the entire collection – and, if you’re feeling a little lucky, shoot us an email with your details. We’ve got two $200 Fabric Store vouchers up for grabs.